Terms and conditions

General delivery terms

1. Roles

A'Pelago is a market platform, marketer and enabler of co-working and office spaces and solutions. We do not operate as a lessor or administrator of the premises. Through our service, we provide working spaces and related ancillary services such as accommodation and meals. The landlords on our platform offer co-working and office spaces only through the A'Pelago platform. You can inquire about holiday accommodation directly from the hosts. The tenant is the owner of the space / object and the actual provider of the service, i.e. the entity that serves the customer locally and is responsible for the functionality of the premises. The subscriber is a business customer who, through A'Pelago, purchases the services referred to in these terms and conditions.

2. Business customers

Our service is offered only to business customers, the reservation always requires the company ID number.

3. Location-specific delivery conditions

Each host/location may have its own delivery conditions. In that case, these are described in the home of each farm in the A'Pelago reservation system. In the description of the objects, there are mentions of services in the nearby area. A'Pelago is not responsible for the information or their availability of general services that do not belong to the destination. Pets may only be brought to locations where it is allowed. Charging of electric cars and hybrid cars is only allowed with the permission of the owner of the premises, an additional fee may be charged for charging. The content of the final cleaning may differ from one object to another, and does not always include, for example, washing dishes and taking out the garbage.

4. Equipment level

The equipment level of each place and space varies, and places may have different types of ancillary services. You should familiarize yourself with these in advance on A'Pelago's website. The rent of the premises includes the right to use the reserved object for the reserved time. Normal energy costs, furniture, equipment, etc. are included in the price. Possible furniture changes, additional furniture, additional AV services and devices, special permits, structures and other acquisitions and special arrangements will be charged separately.

5. Availability

The premises can be reserved according to the booking status. The landlord has the right to apply different special conditions if it is a holiday, special event or season. If the requested space is booked, A'Pelago will try to suggest another similar space. Local ancillary services, such as activities, should be agreed on the spot or inquired about in advance from the space provider.

6. Pricing

Prices are in euros (€) and include VAT, which varies depending on whether it is an office, meeting, accommodation or dining. A'Pelago reserves the right to revise prices if costs change for reasons beyond A'Pelago's control.

7. Booking terms

The reservation is always made in writing through A'Pelago's system. The subscriber does not have the right to transfer the contract or hand over the rented rooms/facilities to a third party.

8. Payment method

The payment method must be confirmed when confirming the reservation. Possible payment methods are bank or credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. The customer can be billed with an advance invoice only if the customer is an invoicing customer of A'Pelago in Finland.

9. Guarantee

All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card upon confirmation. Apelago has the right to verify the credit card for the agreed amount if necessary. For the guarantee, you need the credit card number, the name of the cardholder and the expiration date of the card. As an alternative to a credit card or company guarantee, A'Pelago has the right, if necessary, to demand either a partial or full advance payment to guarantee the reservation. Invoicing customers can alternatively guarantee the reservation in the name of the company.

10. Order confirmation

The reservation with its conditions becomes binding when the customer confirms the reservation in writing and the space provider confirms the reservation in writing through A'Pelago's system. If the customer later wants changes to his order, such as additional spaces or additional services, these will be agreed upon no later than 30 days before arrival. However, A'Pelago cannot guarantee that the booking situation allows changes to the original booking. If the customer wants to change the reservation (destination, time, additional services or number of people), A'Pelago has the right to charge EUR 50 as change costs. The change must be made no later than 30 days before the start of the booking period, and the changes are made according to the booking situation. Changes made after this are considered a cancellation of the previous reservation and a new reservation.

11. Cancellation terms

The reservation made by the customer is binding. However, the customer can cancel the reservation with a valid reason at least 30 days before arrival at the reserved space. After this deadline, no refunds will be made and A'Pelago will charge the entire reservation in full. Changes to the reservation must always be made in writing. If the reservation is canceled for other than pressing reasons, the payments made by the subscriber will not be refunded at all. A'Pelago and the host can cancel the reservation if there is a force majeure. In this case, the subscriber has the right to get back the amount he paid to A'Pelago in full. If the reservation has to be interrupted due to disruptive behavior of the subscriber or a guest of the subscriber, the payments will not be refunded. If the subscriber interrupts his reservation and leaves the property before the end of the rental period, no compensation will be paid for the unused time and the subscriber is not entitled to a rent refund.

12. Arrival and departure

Before arrival, the customer receives instructions on how to get to the premises, how to hand over the keys and who will be the local contact person. For security reasons, only the persons named in the reservation are allowed to stay in the premises. The person in charge of the space must be notified as soon as possible of a premature logout or non-use of the service. If the item is not picked up or is picked up late, the customer is not entitled to a refund. If the subscriber interrupts his reservation and leaves the destination prematurely, no compensation will be paid for the unused time and the subscriber is not entitled to a refund.

13. Customer's responsibility

The customer is obliged to protect the rented premises and furniture from damage. The subscriber is responsible for all damages that the persons participating in its meeting cause to the premises, real estate or office furniture or equipment. The subscriber undertakes to follow the instructions of the office staff in matters concerning the use of the premises and the furniture and equipment. The damage caused must be reported to the farm's contact person immediately. In the event of damage, the owner of the space will invoice the customer for repair, cleaning, etc. costs. The subscriber does not have the right to demand the return of payments already made, if he is removed from the premises due to a violation of the rules. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas. When leaving, the premises must be left in a clean condition. The subscriber is obliged to pay the costs of cleaning the premises in the event that smoking has been done indoors or cleaning has not been carried out or it has been carried out insufficiently and the owner of the premises has to take care of it before the arrival of the next customer.

14. Valuables

The subscriber is responsible for the equipment, movables and property he brings to the office. The provider of the premises is not responsible to the customer for equipment, means of transport or other property and for damages caused to them or loss from the area of the premises.

15. Force majeure and notices

Neither A'Pelago nor the host is responsible for damage caused to the customer that is caused by an unforeseeable force majeure or a similar cause (e.g. power outages, network failure or natural phenomena) that was not caused by the space or the consequences of which the host could not have reasonably prevented. All remarks and complaints related to the space or service must be addressed directly to the owner of the space immediately after their topic appears and during the reservation. If the customer does not notify the owner of the space immediately during the rental period of the defects he/she has noticed, the object is considered to be in the condition according to the contract.

16. Customer service

All questions related to these terms and proposals for changes can be sent to info@apelago.fi. We serve within normal office hours.

17. Privacy

Our privacy policy can be found here.