Aurora Airaskorpi

Founder, High on Hope

Aurora Airaskorpi is the founder of High on Hope, a coaching company dedicated to helping people who want to create a positive impact on the world. After working for 10+ years in media, creative agencies and science communications, Aurora learned that any project’s impact depends on the project members' individual devotion and capabilities.

She then decided to use her coaching and communications expertise to focus on helping experts, creatives, social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and scientists build careers they believe in, communicate their values and missions, and lead projects with an impact. She currently works with both individuals and organisations that drive positive change.

Aurora is also an author and has written extensively about work-life development, sustainability, and science. Currently, she writes a weekly publication about creating hope in a world filled with disasters and wicked problems.

Aurora has a strong connection with water and swims throughout the year. In her childhood and adolescence, she spent weekends canoeing and boating in the Espoo archipelago. She prefers to live as close to the sea as possible, and in 2022, she started a remote work trial that took her across Europe. She now works mostly by the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. However, the Baltic Sea holds a special place in her heart as it represents home.

In Initiative 2024 Aurora will invite us to think about how and why we need to communicate hope if we want to create positive change.