Accelerator Program

Do you have a business solution that can make an impact for the Archipelago Sea Region? Get to know our program below and grow by tackling a challenge.

Sea Region Solutions can speed tackling the biggest challenges of our time. We accelerate those.

Our shallow archipelago sea region is a fruitful spot to find and test solutions that can benefit larger audiences. Here we see the challenges first and consequently can also provide the good outcome as trailblazer. At the same time the sea itself is in miserable shape we humans created.

Hence, we cannot afford potential solutions to fix the situation stuck in sharp minds and labs.

That’s why we initiated Accelerator Program. It exist to support our community create breakthrough sea region solutions that the wider world can benefit.

A'Pelago Accelerator

The A’Pelago Accelerator Program is a 5 month accelerator dedicated to support entrepreneurs, scientists, start-ups and growth companies with sustainable solutions for the sea region challenges.

It intends to speed up the commercialization of ambitious sea region solutions and ideas with intense workshops, networking, coaching and learning sessions. The program is designed to steer the participants through the demanding entrepreneurial issues, to add structure to business endeavors, and to support raising funds for the next phases.

Why get onboard?

You can make a difference for the Archipelago Sea Region, but when your hands are full of building your startup's foundations, it's hard to keep up with the systematic approach and business ecosystem. So think of us as a partner. A compass. A connector. A spark. Guiding you through cross waves.

As part of the Accelerator Program you will get a structured program, including validations support sessions, execution support sessions and access to a network of like-minded peers and our Campuses. We support you in cooperating with researchers and scientists of various fields and you will be supported by our experienced coaches. Finally, through the A´Pelago channels your business concept will get increased visibility and support in raising funds for the next phases.

The path from visionary idea to scalable business is unclear. Leaping from an idea in a company is sweaty work. If you have a new idea about how vitality of archipelago can be improved, join us.

We help startups from idea to impact faster. You steer. We support in navigation.

Who should apply?

According to A'Pelago's mission to support solutions From Deep Science in the Shallow Waters of the Archipelago Sea to Scalable Business for Global Audience, the Accelerator Program is dedicated for startups, growth companies and innovators working with the challenges described by UN Ocean Decade.

We welcome you to apply to our Accelerator program, if you meet the following criteria:

  • Solve the UN Ocean Challenges facing the Finnish Archipelago Sea Region
  • Solution is science-based or can be backed up by science
  • Business ID under 3 years
  • Scalable business model
  • MVP, Proof-of-concept or validated concept
  • Team: technical and business oriented co-founders, minimum of 2
  • Operations or at least some of it is based on or can be tested in the Finnish Archipelago Sea region

If you aim to grow by cracking Sea Region Challenges accordingly, apply to join us! Please do not be too demure when answering the questions, and if in doubt, you can always contact us!

Ready to rock with us? This is how it goes.

Meet some of our Advisors

Advisors are the A’Pelago Accelerator specialists in the versatile fields: experienced entrepreneurs, influential business experts, researchers and investors. They will give guidance to our attendees.

Piia Maaranen

Partner, Innovestor

Fredrik Rönnlund

Founder & CEO, Leadoo Marketing Technologies

Inka Mero

General Partner, Voima Ventures

Timo Ketonen

Partner & Co-founder, A'Pelago Experience

Mari Granström

Chief Executive Activist, Origin By Ocean

Knut Ringbom

co-founder & Senior Advisor, Biovian

Rebecca Sjödin

Co-Founder & Principal,

Patrik Anckar

Partner & Co-founder, A'Pelago Experience

Turo Numminen

Co-founder, Sofokus Ventures

Ville Valtonen

Senior Consultant, Momentous, Ex-Nokia HR Director

Pär Mickos

Senior Advisor, Skaldo Oy Ab

Anna Törnroos-Remes

Associate Professor, Environmental and Marine Biology, Åbo Akademi

Merit Kuusniemi

Advisor & Board Professional


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