A'Pelago Accelerator

A Growth Program for Entrepreneurs with a Sea Region Solution

We all agree that the Archipelago Sea Region needs action. At A'Pelago our contribution and our purpose is to generate and support future-proof business opportunities originating in the Archipelago Sea Region.

We aim to accelerate the transition from business ideas and concepts to readiness for international roll-outs. We match research streams with entrepreneurial spirit, and partner with local and international actors for optimal impact. We can provide the pipeline for successful, international take-off, including support in team building, branding, service design, product conceptualization and financing.

Are you an entrepreneur with a cutting-edge innovation and a solution for the Archipelago? We invite you to join us on our mission to steer ideas from shallow seas to the world sea regions.

A'Pelago Accelerator 2024 - The Application period is ON

The first ever A’Pelago Accelerator Program will kickstart in January 2024. The program aims to encourage and support startups with solutions for the Archipelago Sea Region to strengthen and scale from our shallow waters to global sea areas.

We are now seeking cutting-edge teams ready to embark on this journey. The accelerator is especially aimed at entrepreneurs, researchers, project teams, start-ups, spin-offs, and companies with science-based cutting-edge business solutions that can be scaled for the sea region industry (such as marine biology and technology, ecological cultivation, sustainable boating, renewable energy, sea transport and travel, or sea based material handling).

The Accelerator is open to participants from all over the world, for all industries, and for companies at all stages. However, the key requirement are that you are addressing issues with a significant Archipelago Sea Region impact, are committed to the cause, and have the determination to grow and scale. However, even if you do not aim for global markets, you may still be available for the Program. Even small steps count.

For the hand-picked participants, the Accelerator will provide support to create a successful, internationally recognized venture. Participants will gain access to a network of experts, assistance in securing funding, branding, marketing, building the team, pitch preparation, and validation of their business concept.

Additionally, the Accelerator offers its participants access to experienced Business Coaches with diverse backgrounds. These coaches will guide our participants through challenging waters and help them navigate towards their chosen destinations. Each participant will be assigned 1-2 coaches. Through coaching, you will not only receive support and guidance, but also have the opportunity to identify potential investment opportunities at an early stage. The program will commence in January and culminate at the A’Pelago Initiative event in August.

We are determined to endorse science-based businesses focused on solutions for the Archipelago Sea region. If you share our determination, please let us know by submitting your application below.

Application Deadline: 31st December, 2023