A'Pelago Initiative 2023

Business Camp for the Archipelago Sea

August 10 – 11, 2023

Archipelago Center Korpoström

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A'Pelago Initiative 2023

A'Pelago Initiative is a series of business camps combining a think tank with action

It is a meeting place for engagement, dialogue, exchange of ideas and unexpected connections that contribute to the development of the archipelago. It brings together business leaders, digital nomads, researchers, investors and other influencers as well as local entrepreneurs around vital questions of the future of the archipelago.

The purpose of the events is to generate new business ideas and concepts with a local anchorage. These events will be a perfect opportunity for attendees to engage in vital matters relevant for the archipelago and to make valuable connections with like-minded individuals. The events will take place in the Turku Archipelago.

Our first event, A'Pelago Initiative 2023, is a two-day business camp taking place in the heart of the Archipelago at the Archipelago Center in Korpoström.


Keynote speakers

Clarisse Berggårdh

CEO, Helsinki Partners

Inka Mero

General Partner, Voima Ventures

Kaj Arnö

CEO, MariaDB Foundation

Mårten Mickos

CEO, HackerOne

Peter Sarlin

CEO & co-founder, Silo AI

Christoffer Boström

Associate Professor in Environmental and Marine Biology, Åbo Akademi University

Kim Wikström

Professor in Industrial Economy, Åbo Akademi University

Sandra Bergqvist

Member of Parliament

Patrik Nygrén

Mayor of Pargas

Anna Franzén

Executive Manager, Åboland Archipelago Foundation

Tuomo Meretniemi

Skipper and Digital Nomad

Business case presenters

Ida Rönnlund

CEO, eMathStudio by Four Ferries

Henri Jokinen

CEO at Astrum Vene, Chairman at G-Boats

Mikko Pohjola

Co-founder, Korpi ForRest

Niklas Kiviluoto

CEO, Aino.ar

Tomi Pyrhönen

Product Director, Uniqore

Tommi Lassila

CEO, Oceanvolt Oy


Josefiina Kotilainen

CEO, Startup Foundation

Rebecca Sjödin

Co-Founder and Principal, node.vc

Mikael Lönnroth

Founding Partner, Saari Partners

Niklas Elomaa

Entrepreneur and investor

Petri Rajahalme

Founding Partner, FOV Ventures

Turo Numminen

Co-founder, Sofokus Ventures


Patrik Anckar

A'Pelago Partner & Co-founder

Timo Ketonen

A'Pelago Partner & Co-founder


Day 1: A conceptual and macro-level thinktank

The purpose is to generate new business ideas that will benefit the Archipelago Sea region. Our inspirational keynote speakers and investor panelists will address different topics, but all topics will have an archipelago twist.

All speakers have a direct connection to the region and a penchant for the wellbeing of the sea. We will hear both representatives from research relating to the Archipelago Sea and from the business community.

The day will end with a panel summarizing what concrete business action could be taken for the Archipelago.

Opening & Purpose

Greetings from the Parliament of Finland

Welcome to Korpo

Welcome to Archipelago Center

The Research Perspective

The road to a vital archipelago

Archipelago Sea Ecosystems

The Digital Perspective

From exploring Helsinki to exploring the archipelago

Sustainable Innovations for the Archipelago

Global platforms, local relevance

Investments in DeepTech

AI for people

Panel discussion - how to create an ecosystem for innovation

Facilitated by Patrik Anckar

Summary of Initiatives


Live music with She's Leaving Home

Day 2: Moving from vision to action at a micro level

The purpose is to showcase and facilitate business solutions and start-ups with an Archipelago Sea impact. We will have representatives of different businesses addressing topical solutions, all solutions having an archipelago twist. All presenters have a direct connection to the region and a fondness for the sea.

We will match business operators with investors to generate funding for viable and sustainable solutions. The day will end with an investor panel evaluating the potential of showcases and archipelago related business in general.

Working remotely: Greetings from s/y Panacea sailing in Indonesia

Investor panel - what to look for in an investment case

Facilitated by Timo Ketonen


The easiest 3D configurator for any space

Four Ferries eMathStudio

The learning platform for mathematics

Korpi ForRest

The 2nd best solution for resting your mind

Sofokus: Uniqore

Transform your business processes into digital experiences

G-Boats NaviWheel

Intuitive Control makes Boating Safe and Easy


ServoProp electric propulsion

Summary and call for actions


We have inspirational speakers and investor panelists addressing different topics - all topics have an archipelago twist. Get your tickets now! All prices are exclusive of VAT.

If you need accommodation during the event, please contact us at info@apelago.fi and we will help you out!

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  • Dinner
  • Live music - She's Leaving Home

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  • Lunch & snacks

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