Tomi Pyrhönen

Product Director, Uniqore

Tomi Pyrhönen has worked in the tech industry for over ten years, mainly in digital solutions and productions. He has a business school and sales-driven background, but his work experience is highly tied to modern technologies, creativity and entrepreneurship. He graduated from the Lappeenranta University of Technology with an M.Sc. in Economics, majoring in Leadership and Organisations.

Before Sofokus, Tomi worked in social media consultancy and production for Meltwater, Nokia and Microsoft. He jumped to the Sofokus board in early 2015 and co-founded their Helsinki office. Since 2019, Tomi has been leading one of the Sofokus business areas, a product business called Uniqore. As an internal startup, they have progressed from a vision statement to earlystage business operations. They are ramping up the business and proudly serving digitalambitious clients such as NoHo Partners, Kasvu Open, Sealdeal and A’Pelago Experience.

Nature is Tomi's lifeline, especially when creativity and new stimulus are needed, but also when the stop is the only way to move forward. On top of holidays, he keeps his desk for 1-2 months in different nature-ish locations - in the summer cottage, ski resorts and hiking spots. He is a big fan of fishing, hiking and kayak trips. And today, these moments are more precious since two small kids share these experiences.