About us

A’Pelago Experience - a concept for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Finnish archipelago

Our mission is to work in the archipelago, to work with the entrepreneurs in the archipelago and to work for the archipelago. We envision a future of a vibrant, creative and sustainable archipelago. We want to bring our humble contribution by combining a lifelong love for the archipelago, a long international business experience, a curious start-up mentality, and a passion for sustainable solutions.

A’Pelago Experience rests on four corner stones

  1. The archipelago of Southwestern Finland is the most beautiful place on Earth. It is the place to experience, not just in the summer for holiday purposes, but all year for work purposes as well.
  2. Remote work has become a new standard. Digital nomads and other remote workers can be offered non-urban settings as well, the archipelago being a perfect getaway for creative thinking.
  3. Local archipelago businesses have a possibility to interact with business representatives from other cultures and countries, together creating new solutions with an impact.
  4. The archipelago and the Archipelago Sea need sustainable actions to survive and prosper. We want to initiate new business solutions and to build an innovative, business-driven ecosystem for this purpose.

Our services are meant for international companies, digital nomads in all age groups, remote workers seeking alternatives to urban offices, businesses requiring creative environments. And for people who are passionate about the archipelago and who need alternative work-space to extend their stay for all-year, and for entrepreneurs, researchers, development center, labs and other sustainable solution providers, who can test their solutions locally.

Our other aspiration in the same spirit is A'Pelago Initiative. The Initiative is a business camp combining a think tank with action. It is a meeting place for engagement, dialogue, exchange of ideas and unexpected connections that contribute to the development of the archipelago. It brings together business leaders, digital nomads, researchers, investors, other influencers and local entrepreneurs around vital questions of the future of the archipelago. The purpose is to generate new business ideas and concepts with a local anchorage.

Welcome to the A’Pelago community,

Timo Ketonen

Partner & Co-founder

Patrik Anckar

Partner & Co-founder