Customer stories

I had the pleasure of celebrating my 60 th birthday on board A’Pelago Yacht together with my loved family.

A’Pelago performed really nice with Timo at the helm and Anette as crew member. Thank you all for a memorable day! A strong recommendation for charter purposes with family or business team building and events!

Kenneth Dalkvist

Business Advisor, VASEK

Amazing Boostcamp weekend behind us! The next 7 weeks alongside early-stage startup teams will be a smooth journey from this point.

Thank you also to A'Pelago Experience for recommending Archipelago Center Korpoström as the venue!

Lauri Koittola

Executive Director, Boost Turku

Had just wonderful two days mingling at A'Pelago Initiative - Business Camp for the Archipelago sea at Archipelago center Korpoström.

And of course, I took the opportunity to visit the kid’s lab where they educate kids and families on the unique ecosystem of the Baltic Sea. And look who I got to meet, our ecosystem’s champion Fucus Vesiculosus. I also had a chance to meet other sharp and lovely land creatures.

I hope that A'Pelago Initiative develops into a Forum for stakeholders of the Archipelago Sea Region. Thank you for this warm and ocean spirit initiative!

Mari Granström

CEO & Founder, Origin by Ocean

I had the pleasure to join a two-day A'Pelago Initiative -business camp in Korppoo where local businesses, innovators, venture capitalists, startups and marine academists got together to discuss how can we preserve this fragile marine ecosystem while bring livelihood and new opportunities, sustainable business and tourism to the region, and also vitality for the local communities.

What a great event this was, important topic for all of us, lots of knowledge sharing, innovations and passion to take action.

If you have not experienced our breath taking archipelago yet, make sure you add this to your bucket list - it's yet another great reason to visit Finland! As always, it was great to meet and mingle with like-minded colleagues and friends in our beautiful archipelago. Thanks A’Pelago Experience and all archipelago passionates

Annakaisa Ojala

Digital Strategy and Development, Business Finland - Visit Finland

The natural surroundings of Norrskata provided an excellent setting for a remote work week, and the whole family enjoyed it. The accommodation was cozy, and the environment was pleasantly peaceful. My husband worked remotely on his laptop and found it easy to focus on work, and the internet connection was smooth.

During our free time, we could enjoy the sea air and relax in nature. The paved road was perfect for stroller walks, and we found a nice little nature trail on the island that was just right for taking a walk with our baby. Sauna and swimming in the sea were the icing on the cake.

The owners, Dan and Gertrud, were very hospitable and friendly. Warm thanks to them and A'Pelago for a great week in the archipelago scenery!

Eeva Kylén

Creative Producer, Designer

Insightful collaboration, all in all inspiring and fun event! Atmosphere in the A’Pelago Venue was perfect for giving a first try to our new foresight tool in a workshop day for 40 people. Everything went smoothly - location was outstanding and local food during lunch time was absolutely delicious. Looking forward to next possible collabs with A'Pelago!

Keijo Koskinen

Development Manager, Finland Futures Research Centre

The beautiful and unique surroundings of Björkboda Bruksgård are both inspiring in terms of work and also calming and scenic. The place offered a fantastic opportunity to work and re-energize at the same time.

I visited Björkboda on March 17-18 to plan spring projects and work for my students at St: Karin's School. The workspace in the former laundry room is modern and well-equipped, in harmony with the atmosphere of the past. I stayed in one of the charmingly renovated former worker's houses. In the venue, it was easy to experience the feeling of past times.

The walk, dinner, and relaxing bath in the wood-fired sauna in the evening crowned the day's beautiful experiences. The place is very well-suited for those who like to stay in the countryside in an authentic old mill environment.

Anette Ståhl

Special education teacher, St:Karins school

When designing and building customer-driven digital business solutions, setting off for the right mode in the right environment is key. Brain-storming with the customer and getting their full attention for two days proved easier at our archipelago camp. And for those of us who experienced the archipelago for the first time, it was an exciting encounter with time for cooking together, sauna and a swim in the winter sea.

Tomi Pyrhönen

Product Director, Sofokus Oy

When bringing together start-ups from 8 different nations for improving their pitching, what better than to do this at a non-urban site offering a creative, non-hectic environment, but still with all the needed services. And as the icing on the cake, the A’Pelago founder provided his investor experience for the teams. What a marvelous time we had!

Lauri Koittola

Executive Director, Boost Turku