A'Pelago Initiative 2024

August 15 – 16


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Our last year's Initiative was a thrilling success. Welcome to our A’Pelago Initiative 2024 - explicitly curated for action-driven changemakers, entrepreneurs and investors

It’s time to come together again to re-think business strategies beneficial for the Archipelago Sea Region and initiate priorities for future that reclaim the sea together, as a tight crew. This year, our target is to gather together an exclusive group of 120 archipelago advocates.

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Reclaiming the Sea comes from Rethinking Business

At this year's first A'Pelago Event, Winter Camp, the participants generated a tagline 'Reclaiming the Sea - Rethinking Business’. In order to reclaim the Sea, we have to do things differently. We need to rethink our businesses and the way we consume. We need to rethink value chains and how we interact with the Sea.

Adapted as this year's Initiative topic 'Reclaiming the Sea - Rethinking Business’ is not just a seminar tagline. It is a call to present new concepts and ways for business that contribute to the vitality of the Archipelago Sea Region. So come to initiate new ways for business that pave the route to reclaiming the seas.

The potential of the Archipelago Sea Region is vast. Only a fraction of it is general knowledge. Our aim at the event is to bring forward new business initiatives that enable us to reclaim the sea and restore its biodiversity. For this Kasnäs, located in Kimito Archipelago, is a picture perfect location!

Why we get together in the Archipelago

Create new initiatives through collaboration

In the increasingly polarised world, we see gathering diverse viewpoints in the same space is more important than ever. Creating archipelago initiatives with a positive impact for the future requires interaction that embrace the power of collaboration and inclusion.

We envisage shared vision and values have what it takes to create fresh narratives for a better future. That's why A’Pelago Initiative is a forum for acceptance, trust, sharing brave ideas and creating new initiatives.

The Think Thank to Action Approach

Vibrant discussions are at the heart of A’Pelago Initiative. The dynamic approach of the events aims to encourage intersectional collaboration and splash forward co-created initiatives.

The selection of participants is a vital factor that shapes the success of the Initiative. Diverse backgrounds and expertise contribute to increased awareness and knowledge of the event topics challenging assumptions of the present and nurturing future opportunities.


The A’Pelago ecosystem is formed by a group of action-driven change makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and policy-makers each with a unique connection and ability to create a positive impact for the Archipelago Sea Region.

The Initiative events have brought together a diverse group of exceptional experts with the Archipelago Sea Region in their hearts. The ecosystem is fully committed to deliver results beneficial to the sea region.

A’Pelago Experience

Are you ready to experience the upcoming A’Pelago Initiative in one of the world's biggest archipelago areas?

Kasnäs is situated in the heart of the Finnish Archipelago and is a Venue known for its unique location accessible by sea from Hanko or Turku. Kasnäs offers good local food, many activities and breathtaking sea views and pine forests. It is also easy to travel to Kasnäs by public transport or car from Turku or Helsinki.

First announced voices of A'Pelago Initiative 2024

Keynote speakers

Jannica Haldin

Deputy Executive Secretary, HELCOM

Hannu Krook

CEO, S-Group

Ron Tardiff

Ocean innovation Work Lead, Ocean Action Agenda, World Economic Forum

Stefan Lindström

Ambassador - Digitalization and new technologies, Ministry for Foreign Affaires

Mika Leskinen

ESG Influencer, Chief Investment Officer, S-Pankki

Anna Törnroos-Remes

Associate Professor, Environmental and Marine Biology, Åbo Akademi

Carl Haglund

CEO, Veritas

Luis de Miranda

Philosopher, University of Turku

Aurora Airaskorpi

Founder, High on Hope

Dani Lindberg

Sustainability Manager & DPO at Viking Line

Leonard Breukers

Board Member, Nordic Sustainability Reporting Standard

Tanja Liljeqvist

CEO, Kasnäsudden Oy

Erika Strandberg

Municipal Director, Kimito

Mårten Skogö

Partner node.vc | Co-founder Tobii & Tobii Dynavox

Sonja Jaari

Project Manager, John Nurmisen Säätiö

Ossi Korpela

Managing Director, Porsche in Finland

Beppe Rosin

CEO, Meriaura

Kristiina Kukkohovi

Managing Director, Visit Archipelago Turku

Jussi Sepponen

General Manager, Brunswick Marine

Mikko Salminen

Director, Open Innovation, Spinverse


Ready to jump onboard, challenge yourself and take initiative with others? Our Initiative sessions offer you food for thought and potential openings for new business opportunities and reclaiming the sea.

Day 1 - August 15

Let’s start the event straight from the vast potential the participants have in reclaiming the sea and start discovering new ways for sustainable business development.

To begin the dive to reclaiming the sea with new business strategies, we’ll first adapt the concept of mental sustainability. After this, we’ll examine how adaptability and joint innovation are essential assets to best find, facilitate and execute ways to reclaim the sea with the power of new business initiatives.

Get ready to gain initiative ideas from thrilling sub-themes and sessions such as Value-Chain Innovation, Customer Experience, Rethinking Mobility and more.

Finally after Day 1, we will kick off the evening program with dinner offering everyone the opportunity to deepen connections within the A’Pelagist Community. The evening program is open to all day 1 ticket holders including dinner and live archipelago music by Janne Engblom Band.


Introduction & Welcome to A´Pelago Initiative

Start Sessions

Welcome to Kasnäs and Kimito

The Status and potential of the Baltic Sea

The Mental Prerequisites for Reclaiming the Sea

It's about Will

It's about Facts

It's about Mindset

It's about Hope

It's a Must

Networking lunch in the archipelago views to create

Rethinking Customer Experience and Value Chains

Steering consumers towards more sustainable choices

Can a portfolio investor make an impact?

Small steps matter

Networking Break

Rethinking Business Models

Green shipping as a choice

On the way to cruising with a clean conscience

The Archipelago as a sustainable travel destination

Smaller environmental impact means more business

The transformation of driving habits

The Future of Boating

Jussi Sepponen

Panel: Rethinking Business to Reclaim the Sea

Wrap-Up of the Day

A'Pelago Evening Experience


Happy Hour Meet-Up Activities


Archipelago Dinner & Tunes

Day 2 - August 16

The Second Day is designed for investors, innovators and startups who can nurture and scale up the Future Finnish Sea Region Champions.

This year’s day 2 is divided into two categories: Investor View and Start-Up View. The morning sessions will focus on macro level investor discussions on The future of Sea Region Scale Ups In Finland. After this overview, we’ll take deep dives to what is going on in the Finnish sea region start-up ecosystem. You will also hear the pitches of the companies participating in the A'Pelago Accelerator program.

So please book your ticket and prepare to join us at A’pelago Initiative 2024!


Introduction to the 2nd Day of A´Pelago Initiative

Rethinking Innovation

Status quo of world blue economy start-up building (remote)

Value chains from the sea-shore to the store

Sea economy ecosystems to scale-up opportunities

Supporting innovation through private funding (remote)

The Sea as a scale-up opportunity

Panel: Nurturing the future of Sea Region enterprising in Finland

Networking lunch in the archipelago views to create

Rethinking Funding and Startups

Pitch Sessions with A´Pelago Accelerator Startups

Matchmaking Break & Coffee

Investor Panel: From startup to impact


Wrap-Up of the Initiative 2024


Unlock 10% discount of 2 Day Badge with code EARLY-APELAGIST until May 1st.

A share of the ticket price is donated to Baltic Sea Action Group. By purchasing a ticket to the Baltic Sea, you contribute to improving the condition of the sea and get to enjoy it in the coming summers as well.


The Initiative 2 Day Badge gives attendees an access to full Initiative Program and Experiences on August 15-16.

  • 2-Day Initiative Pass
  • Full Initiative program, August 15-16
  • 2 Archipelago Lunches, August 15-16
  • Community Dinner, August 15
  • Ticket for Baltic Sea (via Baltic Sea Action Group)

550 €

+ VAT 24 %


The Initiative Day 1 Badge gives attendees an access to full Initiative Program and Experiences on August 15.

  • 1-Day Initiative Pass
  • Full Initiative program
  • Archipelago Lunch
  • Community Dinner
  • Ticket for Baltic Sea (via Baltic Sea Action Group)

450 €

+ VAT 24 %


The Initiative Day 2 Badge gives attendees an access to full Initiative Program and Experiences on August 16.

  • 1-Day Initiative Pass
  • Archipelago Lunch
  • Full Initiative program, August 16
  • Ticket for Baltic Sea (via Baltic Sea Action Group)

450 €

+ VAT 24 %

Event information

We are in the process of building up an entire event information page. Before that, you can find practical information relevant to participation here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Accommodation at Initiative Venue Hotel Kasnäs

Our Initiative Venue is Hotel Kasnäs (Kasnäsintie 1294, 25930 Kasnäs).

Boat Dockspots or Caravan lots at the venue can be booked via Kasnäs' website.

To make your A'Pelago Initaitive experience wholesome, A’Pelago has negotiated an exclusive price for accommodation at Hotel Kasnäs during A’Pelago Initiative 2024 for night 15-16, August. Please reserve your accommodation here (reservation page).

Nights before and after the event at Hotel Kasnäs are booked via Hotel Kasnäs' website.

Other Accommodation Options

Other nearby accommodation premises include Ullman's Villa, Hotel Merikruunu and Strandhotellet.

Rental holiday homes in Kemiönsaari can be found at Airbnb.com, Vrbo.com, Lomarengas.fi and tori.fi.

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The Story of A'Pelago Initiative

Since the 1st Initiative held in August 2023, A’Pelago has been in the forefront of bringing together a wide network of business leaders, researchers, NGOs, investors, local and global value-driven entrepreneurs and other change-makers that have each unique potential to create a positive impact in the Archipelago Sea Region.

A’Pelago Initiative is a forum for sharing knowledge of sea region potential and foster creation and scaling of business initiatives beneficial for the Archipelago Sea Region. Our A’Pelago Crew works year round to bring together, host and develop an impact-driven community that prioritises action and collaboration, including our A'Pelago Accelerator program initiated as a concrete result of the Initiative event last year.

At Initiative, we aim to give stage to versatile voices, bring forward discussions about brave and innovative initiatives that foster reclaiming the sea regions. A’Pelago Initiative 2024 is our third event and we welcome you to join us to create and take initiative.

View Initiative 2023 website.

Experience the unique views of the Finnish Archipelago, please join us for Initiative 2024 in Kasnäs!

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