Patrik Anckar

Partner & Co-founder, A'Pelago Experience

Dr.Patrik Anckar is an experienced international business executive, a full-scale strategist, Professor of Practice, brand builder, serial entrepreneur, impact designer, author, and non-stop tink tank. He has worked with MNCs, VCs, IPOs, SMEs, and start-ups, as an executive, board member or advisor, in numerous different fields and mostly on a global scale. He has lived in Sweden, Belgium, England, and the US and has built business networks in more than 60 countries.

He is currently running his own holding company consulting firms on various strategic and leadership issues, offering interim management, doing turn-around projects, coaching entrepreneurs and executives, orchestrating restructurings and mergers, and nurturing his own companies. He is the second co-founder of A’Pelago Experience.

His roots and heart are on an island in the Archipelago Sea, which explains his passion for the ocean.


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