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Business from Deep Science in Shallow Waters to Global Solutions

We are convinced by the fact that deep knowledge and science-based businesses can crack the biggest challenges of the Baltic Sea Region.

Hence, our task is to support founders in generation of innovative business solutions that solve the biggest challenges of the Archipelago Sea Region. This we do by operating in three focus areas which offer you chances to go to, live in and think about the archipelago and to be a part of solutions for it. Read more by scrolling down.

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InitiativeWinter Camp


A’Pelago Winter Camp takes place in January



TS: By bicycle from Kupittaa to the business event in Korpoström – An event the size of the archipelago does not aim to become a new Slush or Shift

A'Pelago Experience

Remote Work Spaces | Tailored Events

By living and working in the Archipelago Sea Region you can support the all year-round habitability of the area, learn how the archipelago ecosystem functions and gain experience about what you can do to back up the area and its livelihood.

So take your chance to gain A’Pelago Experience, work remotely at our unique remote work space Venues or take your team to ideate the future all year round. We also arrange tailored events for your company at request and arrange guest speakers according to your need for a specific theme for the occasion.

A'Pelago Initiative

Annual Event Series | Forum for Archipelago Sea Region Community

Initiatives for breathing impactful innovation alive can be sparked up by understanding the ecosystem characteristics and finding the right people for collaboration.

A’Pelago Initiative is an annual series of Business Camps exploring and presenting sustainable solutions for the archipelago. It brings together sharp minds from versatile fields, from researchers to entrepreneurs and venture capital investors, to share ideas and knowledge, create collaboration and scalable initiatives for the Archipelago Sea Region.

A'Pelago Accelerator

Startup Program | Growth Empowerment

Are you a future founder or a startup team with cutting-edge innovations in maritime technology or regenerative economy, we challenge you to join us on our mission to guide solutions from shallow seas to the world's sea regions. At A’Pelago Accelerator we encourage and support especially sustainable and science-based innovations to thrive and scale.

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