Jannica Haldin

Deputy Executive Secretary, HELCOM

Jannica Haldin’s career has been defined by the conviction that the first step to solving a problem is to understand what causes it. And the second is to fix it.

Previously a scientific diver, with more than 10.000 hours of Baltic Sea fieldwork logged, she is now the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Baltic Sea Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM) and can look back on close to 15 years of experience in international environmental policy and diplomacy across marine biodiversity, conservation, status assessment, sustainable fisheries and climate change. Working closely with the ministries and sectors across the Baltic Sea region and engaging with influential international organisations such as the EU Commission, CBD, ICES, IUCN, UNESCO and UNEP has allowed her to represent the Baltic Sea from local stakeholder meetings to the global stage.

She recently led the most comprehensive status assessment of the State of the Baltic Sea ever undertaken, pioneered the work on the first ever Baltic Sea Climate Change Fact Sheet and held a central role in the updating of the Baltic Sea Action Plan.

Spanning from ecology to policy, she has a unique perspective and an intimate understanding of the workings of the Baltic Sea.


The Status and potential of the Baltic Sea

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