Erika Strandberg

Municipal Director, Kimitoön

Erika Strandberg has always been surrounded by the Åboland archipelago, right on her doorstep. Her first school had its own pier, and students arrived by boat directly to the school. Today, she leads the Municipality of Kimito Island, situated in the middle of the Archipelago Sea, nestled in between Hanko and the Åland Islands

Erika has long been drawn to municipal management, recognizing it as her true calling. She has a solid background in the municipal sector, having studied public administration at Åbo Akademi University. Erika has worked in the Municipality of Kimito Island for several years and has a background as an education manager, administrative manager, and is now the municipal director. Erika has also served as a trainer for both students and professionals in the municipal sector.

Kimito Island is the island of opportunities that boasts a rich cultural history, woven into the fabric of its industrial communities, maritime heritage, archipelago landscapes, and agricultural traditions. Today, this blend is seen as an engaging and diverse environment that operates seamlessly in both languages. Kimito Island is an archipelago with a permanent population and a strong economy that welcomes more than a hundred thousand leisure residents, boat guests, and day visitors per year.


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