Beppe Rosin

CEO, Meriaura

Bengt-Erik “Beppe” Rosin, M.Sc Agronomics and Forestry, B.Sc Economics, was born on a small island in the Nagu archipelago, where his family worked as fulltime fishermen. He has +30 years’ experience from different management positions from the food industry, resale and logistics. Throughout his career he has been involved in sustainability matters, looking into the topic from different stakeholders’ perspective. In 2014 he joined Meriaura, a Turku based shipping company, which has had a strong focus on environmental issues ever since it was founded in 1986. The company has been a forerunner in developing and utilizing alternative fuels and technologies for its fleet and have on voluntary basis implemented several procedures to reduce the environmental harm caused by the shipping industry.

Beppe also holds board positions in several external companies and is still engaged in running his agricultural and forest farm on part time basis. He spends a big part of his weekends and holidays on the family’s summer house, situated on the island he was born, and he still consider himself as a native archipelagian.


Green shipping as a choice

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