Kristiina Kukkohovi

Managing Director, Visit Archipelago Turku

Kristiina has a diverse background working in international experience&travel business; strategy, brand&concepts, digitalization, sales and CX. She has experienced in working in changing business environments and business models, new market positioning, transformation and change. She has worked with airlines, destinations, ski resorts, cruise industry and very specialized travel agent. Travel has always meant a lot to Kristiina – not for relaxation/holidaying but for learning and experiencing. New territories pushes you for open minded thinking!

What she believes in: The team power and co-operation. Visionaring. Good laughs. Kindness and positivity. Dreaming big. Intuition combined with hard data.

About Visit Turku Archipelago

Visit Turku Archipelago was established January 2023 as a leading regional DMO (destination management company) in the Turku and archipelago area. Our role is to brand, market and sell the destination in the international markets and in Finland. We bring the experience industry together to innovate for the future of travel in the area. Archipelago or “Saaristo” as we call it, is a gem to be found and it could be the phenomen of the future. As we succeed together.


The Archipelago as a sustainable travel destination

A'Pelago Initiative 2024