Mikael Lönnroth

Founding Partner, Saari Partners

Mikael Lönnroth likes to create stuff to inspire himself, and hopefully also others.

In his early childhood he fell in love with both music and computers (his first one being the brilliant VIC-20!). More than a few years later, he had learned how to talk to computers better than to people (using C and Pascal, for the most), but as he was certain that his future career would be in music, he happily enrolled at the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory to study the art of jazz piano playing.

In the spirit of Kierkegaard, however, he did not end up where he thought he was going, but rather where he wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

Instead of experiencing the joy of creativity in music, Mikael eventually focused on the same within the field of computers and coding. And a bit later also in understanding and affecting the surrounding structures of people, culture and organization, the organic body to the digital nervous system.

In his current position, as a partner of their private equity fund, Saari Partners, Mikael gets to work both as a digitalization nerd and an investor, and together with a lot of exciting entrepreneurs and leaders of great Finnish service companies. While focusing on sustainable growth, value, and purpose, and obviously without forgetting to have a good time, Mikael hopes he's still very much in the creativity and inspiration business.