Christoffer Boström

Associate Professor in Environmental and Marine Biology, Åbo Akademi University

Associate Professor Christoffer Boström is a diving marine biologist currently working as Head of Subject at Environmental and Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University. He received his PhD in 2001 and before that he spent a year at Svalbard studying arctic marine ecology. His main research interests include structure and function of coastal marine ecosystems, especially seagrass communities.

He is currently involved in both national, Nordic, European and global research networks and projects focusing on coastal ecosystems in relation to eutrophication and climate change. He has since 2005 been responsible for science and marine outreach in the Archipelago Centre Korpoström, Finland – a centre for archipelago related science and art. He is a member of the Finnish Nature Panel and various scientific working groups. Through activities in Korpoström he has experience of marine science outreach work through art and various school projects.

Christoffer Boström has published over 80 scientific papers and is continuosly teaching marine ecology courses and supervising students at both MSc and PhD level. Since 1999 he lives with his family on the island of Korpo in the middle of the Archipelago Sea, SW Finland. He has a passion for the sea, archipelago life style, classic sailing yachts and boat renovation.


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