Ida Rönnlund

CEO, eMathStudio by Four Ferries

Ida Rönnlund is an inventor, an entrepreneur, a researcher, a problem solver, and at heart, a teacher. Ida graduated from Åbo Akademi University in 2006, with a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, and a purpose to make the world more sustainable. She has researched the utilization of industrial waste streams for energy and material recovery, as well as consulted companies, cities and NGO’s on how to build sustainable ecosystems and measure the impact of activities in a holistic way.

In 2018, Ida got the chance to start building a company out of a research project in mathematics education. Education is the enabler of a sustainable world, and understanding mathematics is at the core of it, so she decided to jump into the world of startups.

At eMathStudio, Ida focuses on improving mathematics education, by providing tools that make immediate and personal feedback a possibility for everyone. eMathStudio has won the GlobalEdtech Startup award for Scandinavia, the best learning solution in Finland award, and bronze award in the global Reimagine Education awards.

Ida submerges herself in everything she does, whether it is her work, handball, building houses, interior design, games, a book or Netflix.