Henri Jokinen

CEO at Astrum Vene, Chairman at G-Boats

Henri Jokinen is the fourth generation of entrepreneurs in the Jokinen family business. He started working for the company in a transport company, where he began his summer job mowing the lawn and cleaning the terminal. During the years 1996-2007, Henri worked as a truck driver, a dispatcher and a salesman.

In 2008, Henri began selling cars in the company, starting his career directly as a Mercedes-Benz brand manager. At the same time, Daimler started a new experiment in which car salesmen were thoroughly trained by Daimler. From this, Henri completed two years of Global Training, earning a Certificate of Excellense with the certificate "Certififield Mercedes-Benz Sales Representative".

From 2009 to 2013, Henri worked as a Mercedes brand representative at Astrum Auto Ltd. Since 2013, he has been working in the family business, Astrum Vene Oy, as Managing Director. Astrum Vene Oy was founded in 2007 and since the beginning, Henri has been actively involved in the boat business.

Konewuorio Maskin Oy Ab business/marina in Söljenholmen was bought by Astrum Vene Oy in 2009 and operates under Astrum Vene Oy and under the same marketing name. In addition, S-marin in Turku, which performs Volvo Penta maintenance, seasonal boat storage and other harbour services, is under Henri's responsibility in the company.

Henri is currently dealing with all matters related to the company's boats/marinas. He is also a board member in other companies in the same industry as the family business. In 2019, he and his father, Harri Jokinen, founded River Invest Oy. With this company, they joined G-Boats Osakeyhtiö as an investor. Henri is currently also the chairman of G-Boats Osakeyhtiö.

Henri became interested in G-Boats and its NaviWheel system as soon as he got to know the system. Through his work/leisure time, he has seen the challenges of boating when boats dock. He also knows his own challenges with boating in families. This new system is just what boating needs after the big " chartplotter " for boating. He wants to be involved in the development of this product and in doing so, help make boating easier/safer for boaters. They have a great team at G-Boats that will certainly help them achieve their goals.

Henri feels privileged to have experienced and been in the most beautiful archipelago in the world since childhood. With his grandfather and grandmother, he got to spend a lot of time in the archipelago. Now he gets to spend time with his own family on the same island where he grew up. His family includes his wife Johanna and his children Henniina 15, Justiina 10 and Helmeri 7. He has also seen Finland's seas/archipelago up close and also its development. They must cherish and help the sea so that their children and grandchildren can also enjoy what they have experienced. For Henri, the archipelago and the sea mean pleasure and freedom.

Henri's hobbies include ice hockey/coaching and skiing in winter. In the summer he likes to spend his free time in the archipelago with his family.