Christian Feodoroff

Founder, Seaboost

Christian is an entrepreneur with a deep love for the archipelago, where he spends as much time as possible. Seaboost has enabled him to work partially in his favorite location, a small islet south of Korpoström. Prior to founding Seaboost, Christian worked in the graphic and paint industries.

Seaboost was born out of Christian's passion for improving the effectiveness and environmental friendliness of antifouling. The company, without prejudice, develops products to keep boat bottoms clean without using hazardous biocides and soft wearing plastic coatings. Over the years, Seaboost has been recognized in various contexts, such as receiving the Runar Bäckström Foundation Innovation Prize in 2014 and the Baltic Sea Project Environmental Prize (the jury's favorite) in 2015. In 2021, Seaboost received the Save the Baltic Sea Award, selected by a jury representing Finland's leading environmental organizations.

In addition to these accolades, numerous excellent test results, user experiences, and recommendations from environmental organizations and authorities throughout the Nordics speak for Seaboost's products. Today, Seaboost offers a range of in-water hull cleaning devices, such as Powerturf and Powerbrush, as well as eco-friendly durable Easy Clean coatings for boats using mechanical hull cleaning. Furthermore, there are many new products in the pipeline, waiting for the right timing to be launched.