Clarisse Berggårdh

CEO, Helsinki Partners

Clarisse Berggårdh is the CEO of an expert organization, with a master’s degree from Helsinki Hanken. She is currently in her fourth CEO job leading a publicly funded company of more than 60 people and more than 9 nationalities, Helsinki Partners Oy, whose goal is to attract visitors as well as investments and business activities to her beloved hometown Helsinki.

In the past, Clarisse has led professionals in the fields of communication, media buying and journalism, and her passion and main interest is leadership and coaching. She works and has also worked in board positions, the longest on the board of Elisa Oyj since 2016 and most recently on the board of Fennia since 2021 and on the board of Maria01 since November 2022.

In her free time, apart from spending time in Helsinki, Clarisse enjoys boating in Hanko and aroung the lovely archipelago, skiing in Lapland and in the Italian Alps during winter. She has a large and noisy family, three of the six children are adults and three are still teenagers. Clarisse likes to organize parties and enjoys being in large groups and with people, but as a counterbalance, she needs to retreat to nature by herself.


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