Eetu Ristaniemi

CEO & Co-founder, Spacent

+ 15 years of experience in RE analytics and business development. Before his career as CEO of Spacent he was Director of Real Estate Investments at Aalto University Properties. He was responsible for the university campus investment programme as well as leasing and campus digitalisation. Prior to his career at Aalto University Properties, he held positions at Citycon and Newsec.

In Winter Camp, Eetu will share insights on Spacent's brand work among

  • Factors influencing Spacent's brand
  • How platform economy brands can enhance the branding efforts of archipelago entrepreneurs and year-round vitality of archipelago
  • Platforms can facilitate building company culture and, in turn, strengthen the company's brand in various ways – interorganizational, local, or competence-based


Empowering Hybrid Work

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Winter Camp