Eka Ruola

Chief Creative Officer, Nitro Group

Eka Ruola is one of Finland's most renowned and award-winning creative leaders, brand strategists, and marketing experts, both nationally and internationally.

In his primary role, Ruola serves as the Chief Creative Officer of the hybrid agency Nitro Group and is also the company's principal owner. Despite his titles, Eka is hands-on, working closely with clients on marketing initiatives, primarily in brand strategies and creative storytelling.

In 2015, Ruola was awarded the Internationalist's Agency Innovator award in New York, becoming the first Finnish recipient of this honor. In 2022, he received the Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award in Grafia r.y.'s Vuoden Huiput competition. In addition to his main responsibilities, Ruola sits on the boards of Vincit Oyj and the Marketing company of the Finnish Olympic Committee. Ruola's book, 'The New 4Ps of Marketing,' was published in April 2021.

At A'Pelago Initiative Winter Camp on January 25th, Eka will guide the audience into the world of brand storytelling with topic:

Tuote, jolla on vahva bränditarina, ei koskaan ole lastuna lainehilla.


Creative Storytelling

Get to know them: https://www.nitro.fi/en


Tuote, jolla on vahva bränditarina, ei koskaan ole lastuna lainehilla

Winter Camp