Workshop 4: Create Futures! Finding & branding Finnish net positive sea and archipelago innovations

A half day workshop brings together professionals from new sea and archipelago industries to share and change knowledge of how to grow a net positive brand that cracks the challenges of the sea area.

The session will be partly a round table discussion around topics such as

What possibilities and needs are there for join development and projects?

What can we learn from each other to accelerate positive change beneficial for the archipelago sea region, Finnish export and global oceans?

The workshop is a closed half day session with a capacity of about 20 people. A’Pelago reserves the right to select participants from applications due to limited capacity. Participation requires a ticket to the A’pelago Winter Camp 2024.

Registration required at event registration.

The workshop takes place two times a day: between 10.00-12.00 and 13.30-15.30.


Mari Granström

Chief Executive Activist, Origin By Ocean