A’Pelago Winter Camp takes place in January

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Published 20.11.2023

The A’Pelago Initiative kicks off the year with a multidisciplinary business event, the A’Pelago Winter Camp, taking place in the archipelago on January 25-26, 2024.

The theme for the Initiative's event year 2024 is Narrative. Throughout the year, there will be two events focusing on the theme from different perspectives in business.

"Compelling narration of challenges and solutions is a key prerequisite for the development of solutions that support the vitality of the archipelago. Creating high-quality narration requires, first and foremost, a humble willingness to listen to various stakeholders. Secondly, one must be able to condense the narrative into a clear and engaging whole. The vitality of the archipelago is influenced systematically by various societal actors. There is plenty of room for improvement in the fields of open communication and attractive branding. We can learn a lot from each other by listening to different stakeholders," says A’Pelago founder Timo Ketonen.

Winter Archipelago, Brand Expertise, and New Friends

The exploration of the annual theme begins in January at the A’Pelago Winter Camp, focusing on the perspective of brand building. The theme of narration is strongly reflected in the event from program to the captivating and unique event location, Herrankukkaro.

Participating in the event provides attendees with the opportunity to be inspired by experts and leverage the crucial brand expertise for businesses.

"On the first day of the Winter Camp, there will be fascinating talks about successful brand building, which can impact the vitality of archipelago areas and business growth. The second day's program revolves around practical workshops, where participants can enhance their work with the guidance of branding experts," says A’Pelago producer Alina Sippolainen.

"When creating solutions for the future, we must be capable of impactful narration. The prerequisite for this is understanding the perspectives of various stakeholders. The more people we encounter, the better we can build brands that the future of Archipelago Sea Region needs," adds Timo.

Why participate in the Winter Camp: 3+1 reasons

  • Meet and get to know the ambassadors of vitality in the archipelago sea
  • Learn from the best in the region about building brands
  • Influence the vitality of the archipelago during the winter season
  • Gain a new archipelago experience

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A’Pelago Winter Camp takes place in the archipelago on January 25-26, 2024.

Join us to gain knowledge of archipelago sea region solutions brand building, inspiration, encounters, discussions, a dinner party, sauna, viewing of the brand-new movie Myrskyluodon Maija, and much more.