Jari Ullakko

Creative/Designer/Investor at FARM STHLM / ByTheNetwork

Jari Ullakko lives year-round in the outer archipelago of Inkoo. Based in Stora Ångestö, he works as a creative strategist for international companies. Jari's perspective is that in a world where institutions have lost their credibility, brands have the opportunity to build sustainable business by causing less harm and creating more value.

With a background of over 30 years in international brand building, Jari, after earning his M.A. in Switzerland, participated in the complete reconstruction of the Audi brand through the AUDI TT concept project in Germany, Austria, the United States, and Japan. The lesson learned over seven years at Audi – that brands are not built through campaigns, and actions speak for themselves – has only strengthened his commitment to value creation and harm reduction amid societal change.

Throughout his career, Jari has played a role in the global business transformation of renowned brands such as Lexus, Electrolux, Bang & Olufsen, and HellyHansen. He is a co-founder of the international indie agency chain www.bythenetwork.com and serves as a creative strategist at FARM STHLM.

Jari, the only Finn to be awarded twice with the Yellow Pencil in the international D&AD design and marketing competition, as well as the Grand Prix in the Cannes Lions competition, can be encountered in the Archipelago Sea as the skipper of the beautifully crafted 5Metre boat, Saga II, designed by Naval Architect Tore Holm in 1939.

On Thursday, January 25, at the Winter Camp, Jari will present on the topic of MARKETING AS A SERVICE, discussing how research data serves as a tool for marketing, CSR, and creating service value.


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