Leevi Parsama

Digital Commerce Specialist, Snowball Growth Partners

Leevi Parsama is a digital commerce expert affectionately known as the godfather of Finnish e-commerce. He has personally met with over 1,000 Finnish online stores and has familiarized himself with key players in the digital commerce industry worldwide. Currently, Leevi serves as the Chairman of the board for the newly founded Digital Commerce Finland Oy and invests in promising digital commerce companies through the Snowball Growth Partners company.

Leevi has a passionate relationship with the sea and archipelago. Most of his free time is spent on the stunning gray rocks of his cottage in Kustavi, exploring the nooks and crannies of the archipelago. He also has a deep love for sailing, having already sailed the Baltic Sea and yearning for larger seas.

In his presentation, Leevi discusses three Finnish success stories where the power of the brand has propelled onto the international markets of digital commerce. Today, a mobile phone is truly the front door to all the world's stores, and every customer on the planet is just a few clicks away. Success is genuinely possible for all businesses, including those starting from the hidden corners of the archipelago. You just need to identify your best customers, distill your competitive advantages and unique concept, build your brand, and create a winning customer experience.


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