Ville Wahlberg

CEO, Baltic Sea Action Group

The CEO of BSAG, Ville Wahlberg, is dedicated to saving the Baltic Sea. He has extensive experience in change and communication consulting, politics, and environmental activism, which he applies to his work for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

"Protecting the Baltic Sea is not only important due to its vulnerability but also because it is in other ways particularly close to my heart."

Ville possesses solid expertise in areas such as branding, leadership, societal impact, and governance. He joined BSAG from the communication agency Ellun Kanat, where he led the communication business area.

Ville sees the Baltic Sea as not only magically beautiful but also as our local environmental issue. We have a responsibility to improve our ways to treat it and rectify the damage we have caused.

"The strength of BSAG lies specifically in its approach that directly targets concrete solutions. We seek solutions that benefit multiple aspects simultaneously," Ville states.


BSAG is a non-profit foundation that takes impactful actions to save the Baltic Sea. BSAG protects the Baltic Sea, combats biodiversity loss, and mitigates climate change through extensive collaboration with researchers, businesses, decision-makers, authorities, and farmers.

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