Herman Haapman

growing wine in Nagu

''From challenges to victory."

Herman Haapman is the founder of Chateau Nagu and the man behind the 'Make Finland the wine country of Europe' -initiative, which Petteri Orpo included in the government program this year.

Chateau Nagu is Finland's first real vineyard where noble grape varieties are grown and turned into wine. In November 2023, promises were fulfilled when Chateau Nagu harvested the first Nordic Cabernet Sauvignon crop, which is now maturing into wine.

The wine will be Finland's first wine made from noble grapes, grown in Finland and especially in the archipelago.

Impressive, isn't it? A direct ode to Finland and the Archipelago.

'Over the past year, we've experienced a lot. The archipelago is a harsh place when it gets angry - storms have scattered greenhouses here. At the same time, this place has the mildest weather in Finland for wines, and in the shelter of our greenhouses, a Vintage is maturing that will not be overshadowed by Bordeaux wines,' says Herman. On the Winter Camp stage, Herman shares learnings from build a wine brand in the archipelago - turning challenge by challenge into victory.

Some information can be found at http://www.paratiisinagu.fi or https://www.instagram.com/paratiisi_nauvo/


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