Tommi Lähde

founder & CEO, the other danish guy

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''This is the only island-themed picture available at the moment. It may be unsuitable for its intended use - or is it?''

''I used this profile picture when we launched the world's 1st underwear made from plastic waste found in the seas.''

These are a few sentences from the man, Tommi, who leads the boldest brand of the Finnish underwear industry, the other danish guy.

The picture was taken on Roskär Island in Berghamn in the summer of 1974. Since then, the lifejourney of Tommi Lähd has taken him from a remote island's rocky shores to the world of advertising, to TV channel Nelonen's marketing, and finally, inspired by irritating underwear, to be the founder of the other danish guy.

Up to this point, the journey can be described as quite an eventful adventure. During it the skills of strategic brand building have been tested and honed to a new level, time after time.

On Thursday, January 25th, Tommi Lähde takes the stage at Winter Camp to share knowledge on how to create a bold brand. One that doesn't succumb to boredom and at the same time respects the ball we live on. Listen to the session and find out

  • What Tommi has learned on his journey about narratives and how they has become an integral part of business he creates
  • How your brand story is spoken of by all, even those who have never told a single story in their lives.

The Other Danish Guy

''Only three balls matter. Two of your own and the one we live on.''

Established on August 4, 2015

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