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Who we are?

A’Pelago Experience Ab is a startup founded in May 2022 with a mission: Generating business from Deep Science in Shallow Waters to Scalable Solutions in the Archipelago Sea Region. We focus on three business areas with a vision to create and support business initiatives beneficial for the Archipelago Sea Region:

A’Pelago Experience offers opportunities to live and work in the archipelago by providing remote work venues and tailored events for individuals and organisations.

A’Pelago Initiative is a Business Camp Event series in the Finnish Archipelago Region, offering a chance to brainstorm solutions for the biggest challenges in the archipelago sea region, together with a wide and versatile range of stakeholders, from archipelagists to researchers and VC funds.

A’Pelago Accelerator is a startup accelerator specifically aimed at startup teams with world-class science-based solutions that address the challenges of the Archipelago Sea Region and have scaling potential. First Accelerator Program kickstarts in 1/2024.

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What is A’Pelago Initiative

The A’Pelago Initiative is a unique series of events in the Finnish Archipelago, with a focus on finding business solutions to address the most significant challenges of the Archipelago Sea Region.

The 2nd year of the A’Pelago Initiative consists of two events. The A’Pelago Initiative Winter Camp, taking place at the end of January 2024. The main event - the 2nd A’Pelago Initiative will be held in August 2024, with "Narrative" as the main theme.

The events are organised by A’Pelago Experience Ab, with support from our business partners.

The events will bring together a wide range of stakeholders from the Archipelago Sea Region, including researchers, entrepreneurs, local municipalities, residents of the archipelago, corporations, and Venture Capital funds. All of these actors are expected make unique contributions to building the business ecosystem of the Archipelago Sea Region.

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Press Release 18.1. I A´Pelago establishes a business accelerator which focuses on promoting business solutions beneficial for the archipelago sea regions



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A’Pelago Winter Camp takes place in January



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